Faith Based Travel

Exploring the world’s most spiritual locations

Would you like to be able to combine your vacation with faith-based travel to a sacred destination for a spiritual purpose?

Faith Based Travel

Whether you’re planning on traveling on your own or you’d like to join a group of similarly spiritual travelers, Viking Travel offers top quality faith-based travel programs to more than 65 countries worldwide. You can visit the world’s most awe-inspiring spiritual places, explore the roots of your faith, walk in the footsteps of your spiritual leaders, and have your most cherished beliefs come to life.

Taking you to the roots of your faith

Try an award-winning faith-based river cruise to experience each destination with guided sightseeing, engaging port lectures, VIP access into key destinations, no waiting in lines, and great cultural immersion and storytelling thanks to highly skilled cruise and tour directors.

If you’re interested in group travel, our travel experts can help you either get involved in a group already traveling or help you create a custom group of your own. We can even help organize a preview for your group before the trip and a reunion afterwards, by Zoom if the members of your group are not local to each other.

Get in touch with Viking Travel today to talk through your faith-based and religious travel ideas, and we’ll help you plan your perfect itinerary.

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