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North America Vacations & Travel Packages

Embark on an unforgettable journey across the diverse and captivating landscapes of North America. From the icy wonders of Alaska to the vibrant cultures of Mexico, North America offers an array of vacation experiences for every traveler.

With Viking Travel, you can explore the majestic natural beauty and unique cultural heritage that make North America an ideal destination.


Alaska is a land of untamed wilderness and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Experience the glaciers and wildlife up close, as Viking Travel brings the best of Alaska to life, making it an unforgettable part of your North America travels.


Arizona mesmerizes with its stunning Grand Canyon, vibrant cities, and rich cultural history. Explore breathtaking desert landscapes and immerse yourself in the local heritage with Viking Travel.


California features iconic cities, sunny beaches, and natural wonders. From the glamour of Los Angeles to the scenic beauty of Yosemite, Viking Travel tailors your California adventure to your liking.


Venture on an unforgettable Canadian travel experience! From the breathtaking Rockies to vibrant cities, explore the diverse landscapes and warm hospitality of Canada’s unparalleled vacation destinations.


Chicago, the Windy City, offers a blend of architecture, rich culture, and exceptional food. With Viking Travel, you can explore this vibrant urban landscape — from the Magnificent Mile to the shores of Lake Michigan — making your North America journey truly memorable.


Florida is jam-packed full of sunny beaches and thrilling theme parks. From the magic of Orlando to the allure of Miami, Florida offers a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.

New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its vibrant jazz and festivities. With Viking Travel, you can experience the Mardi Gras parade, one of the most elaborate parades in North America.


Hawaii is a tropical haven with stunning beaches and lush landscapes. Experience the aloha spirit with Viking Travel, exploring the islands’ rich Polynesian heritage, breathtaking nature, and tranquil beaches — a true paradise in the North Pacific.


Mexico offers a combination of ancient heritage and modern beauty. Discover archaeological wonders, relax on stunning beaches, and enjoy all the rich flavors of the country’s cuisine. With Viking Travel, your Mexican vacation will be an unforgettable experience.


Seattle offers a unique North America experience where you can explore the Space Needle, vibrant markets, and lush surroundings. With Viking Travel, you can add the gorgeous Pacific Northwest to your travel diary.

New York

New York City is a bustling metropolis of iconic landmarks and diverse cultures. A must-visit on your North America journey. New York offers the energy of Manhattan, the charm of Brooklyn, and the beauty of Central Park.


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